Hearing Health Care

One of the major reasons people who need hearing aids put off the decision to purchase them is the cost. General Hearing Services (GHS)™ addressed this concern with its tiered product/services/pricing structure – and now, GHS™ has introduced a basic level to the hearing service plan. The basic level makes the first step into hearing amplification affordable and easy – and patients can still maintain the care of a hearing professional.
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Hearing Instrument Options


 behind-the-earFits snugly behind the ear and is attached to a custom earpiece molded to the  shape of the concha (the indented bowl-like outer portion of the ear).


 in-the-earProvides less visibility than behind the ear and fits in the ear itself.


in-the-canalSmall enough to fit almost entirely in the ear canal.


completly-in-the-canelThe newest and smallest hearing instrument available today, fits deep inside the ear, hidden in the shadow of the ear canal.


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