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GVS®: 60 Years of Helping People See Better

GVS is a highly recognized Eyecare Benefits Administrator and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), with a stellar reputation for being “The Optical Company with the Union Label,” as a result of our 60-year dedication to helping people see better.

We offer an easy solution to customize a plan that meets your organization’s specific eyecare needs.

  • Fee-For-Service Plan
    • GVS offers customized Fee-For-Service Plans that completely eliminate participants’ out-of-pocket expenses while providing them maximum value for their eyecare plan. These plans cover all eligible participants (members and/or families) for a comprehensive Eye Examination, Frame, Lenses, Fashion Tints or Contact Lenses.
  • Fixed Payment Plan
    • Fixed payment, as its name implies, is a fixed monthly payment per member per month (PMPM).
    • For a pre-established fixed monthly payment, all participants (members and/or their families) are entitled to a comprehensive Eye Examination, Frame, Lenses, Fashion Tints or Contact Lenses.
  • Payroll Deduction Plan (Voluntary)
    • The Payroll Deduction Plan is a voluntary program by which the payroll department deducts a pre-determined weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment from your participating members’ paycheck.
    • Each member has the option to enroll singularly or with family coverage.
  • Vision Pass (Discount Program)
    • Vision Pass is an exclusive, non-insured, VisionCare program that provides your members and their families with very affordable eyecare and eyewear on an unlimited basis.
    • One price covers Eye Examination, Frame, Lenses, Fashion Tints or Contact Lenses.
    • Ideal for non-covered members and dependents.

General Vision Hearing Services, a division of GVS, is proud to offer affordable hearing devices and services designed to provide maximum value at minimum cost. In fact, members receive a no-cost comprehensive hearing evaluation in addition to our significant savings on hearing devices. The GVS provider network, powered by EPIC, combines over 6,000 participating locations nationwide, making it easy for you to find a state certified licensed audiologist or ENT physician near you.With GVS you get access to the largest and strongest provider network in the country, as well as an extensive selection of hearing products.

People lose around $1,000 income for every 10% increase in hearing loss.

GVS carries the latest technologically advanced hearing instruments including, but not limited to, models from top-tier brands such as Phonak, Starkey, Unitron, Siemens and Oticon. Members can receive a fully covered hearing device, or enjoy savings of up to 50% off Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) on devices outside of their covered schedule. All types of hearing solutions are available—from behind-the-ear, to in-the-ear, to in-the-canal, to completely-in-the-canal options. Our hearing providers will help you decide which option is the best for you.

Untreated hearing loss can lead to conditions such as depression, reduced job performance, and diminished overall health.

To help you get started, our GVS counselors are standing by and available weekdays from 9:00am–9:00pm EST. Contact us to conveniently find a provider and get started.

1 in 6 people have diagnosed hearing loss.



  • Discounts up to 50% off the national average price of LASIK procedures: GVS has partnered with QualSight, a leader in the LASIK marketplace, to offer our members these substantial savings.
  • Convenient locations nationally: Qualsight’s vast network of over 1,000 providers is available in 46 states (90+ locations in New York)
  • Skilled and experienced professionals: The network of credentialed surgeons have collectively performed more than 6.5 million procedures.
  • Top notch customer service: Qualsight’s Care Managers help with scheduling, pricing and questions.
  • Flexible financing options available.

How It Works

  • Call Qualsight at 888-568-0308
  • A Qualsight Care Manager explains the program and answers preliminary questions
  • Screening is conducted to ensure the member’s eligibility
  • Qualsight Care Manager helps member find a surgeon and schedule an appointment

Delivering Quality Eyecare Everyday ®

  • GVS’s exclusive Mobile Eyecare Center conveniently comes to your location.
  • Our centers are “optical facilities on wheels”. The centers are staffed with a Doctor of Optometry and a Licensed Optician.
  • Can be utilized for worksites, member meetings, health fairs, and health centers.
  • Saves valuable time for members by not taking them away from their workplace.

To inquire how GVS can maximize your eyecare benefits, by customizing a flexible eyecare plan specifically suited to your needs, please fill out the following form and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

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