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RestoringVision: World Sight Day

Be a Vision Champion Partner with us on World Sight Day

We invite you to raise awareness and funds with us this World Sight Day – October 13 – in our mission to provide vision screenings and eyeglasses for people living on less than $2/day. We also call on new donors to join us in solving the global vision crisis.

We invite you to be a vision champion!


This World Sight Day, RestoringVision is working with its partners around the globe to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to see clearly, and that everyone can share in the joy of restored vision by saying #LoveYourEyes. This year, RestoringVision will reach 3.5 million people with its vision services and eyeglasses, impacting those who lack access and the ability to afford the glasses they need. RestoringVision is expanding its programmatic footprint in Africa and Asia, and increasing its outreach to refugees, specifically those displaced by the war on Ukraine.

“The World Health Organization’s World Report on Vision, issued in 2019, outlined in detail the global need for universal eye care, and the global implications of forgoing vision health in communities around the world,” said Pelin Munis, Ph.D., Executive Director of RestoringVision. “In 2021, the United Nations built on this report’s momentum by adopting a resolution, Vision for Everyone, asking countries to prioritize eye health for the 1.1 billion people living with preventable vision impairments. This resolution meant that for the first time, eye health was recognized as critical to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. RestoringVision’s work advances eight of the 17 SDGs and hence it has never been more important to accelerate our impact.” RestoringVision is outlining in detail how prioritizing vision health advances eight of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with its blog series on each SDG related to eye health.


Together, we will achieve our vision:



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