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About Us

The GVS RCM Hearing team provides a service to support and educate on how to avoid insurance denials and rejections while partnering with you to coordinate consistent updates throughout the life cycle of your claims. Our 20+ years of experience in Claims Management has contributed to our extensive knowledge and ability to identify areas of opportunity and ultimately increase your revenue.

Our Services include:

  • Eligibility & Benefits Verification – Over 40 years of Experience
  • RCM – Claims Processing
  • Insurance Enrollment – Contract Management
  • Denial & Audit Management


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Overview of Services

Verifications & Claims Management (V&C)

Service supports requests for patient benefit verification and commercial claims processing.

Aged Claims

Service supports requests for processing of claims that are 90-365 days from the date of service.

Insurance Enrollment

Service provides commercial network/plan application submission and panel eligibility.

Our Success

** Each line of service requires its own contracted agreement and pricing

Partner with us to maximize cash collections and optimize your patients’ experience

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