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GVS is a strong partner with RestoringVision

A nonprofit organization that has supplied over 20 million glasses to those in need.

Quality of Life

The ability to see clearly impacts all areas of a person’s life, including self-esteem. Glasses enable them to be fully productive members of his or her family and community again. This increases the overall quality of a person’s life.


Studies have shown that vision correction leads to a 35% increase in productivity and a 20% increase in wages. For someone earning $2 per day, that is an additional $140 of income per year. With a pair of reading glasses people can carry out their daily tasks, work, and lead productive lives with more efficiency.


When people are able to see clearly, they are also able to read and learn better. Children whose vision is corrected can advance up to half a year in school. Adults can successfully participate in continued education and workforce training.

Global Economy

The lack of access to glasses results in an annual loss of $202 billion to the global economy. By providing glasses, you’re creating opportunities for work and economic growth; improving lives around the world.


DISCLAIMER: Photos, graphics, and information on this site are used with permission from RestoringVision.

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