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About Us

We are a leadership team with 15+ years of experience in Revenue Cycle Management comprised of trained Billing Specialists with an expertise in successful claim resolution. We pride ourselves on 80+ years of retail experience that has led to our extensive knowledge in administering Managed Care plans, flexible proprietary systems, and supporting infinite benefit plan designs.

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Our Success

Our centralized billing model eliminates the need for billing departments in every store, placing an emphasis on collecting and maximizing revenue. This allows clients to focus on what they do best – patient care and service.


Our Commitment

Successful Claim Submission & Collection Rate

Our electronic processes ensure clean-claim submission for a high collection rate on all claims.

Identifying Areas of Opportunity

Our organization’s expertise lies on identifying risks and areas of opportunity to build better and smarter operational processes.

Maximize Payments & Reconciling Claims

Team fully dedicated to create, build, and program database with multiple functionalities

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